Optimum Life Nutrition


It is an old saying but none the less, absolutely true, We are what we eat.

Continually we are rebuilding our bodies through the nutrients we place into our bodies.

The ancient vedic texts state that our food is Brahman or consciousness in it´s most dense or material form. The power of choice over which foods we put into our mouth is one of the few things over which we have control along with the equally important choice over which words leave our mouth. Without a doubt, both require our attention and our intention so that we consciously choose the best foods and the best words to nourish both mind, body and spirit.


Modern science now confirms what Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, stated more than 400 years before christ: May your food be your medicine. The nutrients we place into our bodies have the power to create or to deplete energy, to stimulate us or to relax us, to bring clarity of thought or to dull the brain, to boost or to devastate our mood, to prevent or to produce disease and to elevate our consciousness.  


Learning to be conscious is learning to be responsable for your own health with a positive attitude directed towards prevention and maintenance of good health, rather than depending on others to heal the results of our unhealthy or unconscious habits. There is not a single health problem or natural process of the body that is not influenced in one way or another by the food that we eat. Learning how to create constructive nutritional habits for health is essential for maintaining optimum health in body, mind and spirit. A minimal effort that is compensated many times over with vibrant health, vitality and longevity. 


Nutritional consultations offered to provide orientation towards creating positive habits for health. Create better health, sustain energy and control weight with simple dietary changes for a life based on health, harmony and happiness.