Quality of Life Stress Management Coaching


Choose Life: Positive Life Style Habits for Health


More than 90% of health care visits are due to stress related illnesses.


Although stress and stressful situations are unavoidable, increasing one´s coping functions is highly recommended so that stress will not damage health and contribute to the development of chronic disease.

We can not always control the stress factors in our life and the world around us, but we can always control how we cope with them; we can actively take control of the stressors before they control us!


Stress: what it is and how it adversely affects our health and quality of life?


In the stress management coaching program we will create a personal stress profile to bring conscious awareness to where the stressors are in our lives and then explore and experience a multitude of powerful stress management techniques to learn what can be done about the stress to create balance, equanimity and inner peace as you learn how to control the stress response and create the relaxation response.


You will experience how to create permanent changes with positive habits for a life based on health, harmony and happiness.